Al-taqwa School in Kabul

Al-taqwa secondary school was originally opened in 1992 in Peshawar, Pakistan to serve the educational needs of Afghan immigrant children and youth. Al-taqwa is famous for its 15+ years of experience, equipped science labs for practical work, and skilled teachers.

The school has developed and grown through an organic evolutionary process. Starting as a primary school in a continually deteriorating socio-economic and complex emergency immigrant situation in Peshawar, Al-taqwa became a leading primary and secondary school, delivering quality education to kindergarten to grade 12 aged immigrant Afghan boys and girls. Since its inception, about 4000 Afghan girls and boys have graduated from 12th grade and have been accepted by various national and international universities.

Following the establishment of the transitional government in 2001 in Afghanistan,
Al-taqwa strove to expand its services inside Afghanistan. In 2008, Al-taqwa got the opportunity to open its first branch in Kabul, and registered with the Ministry of Education (MoE) to deliver primary and secondary education to girls and boys. Al-Taqwa has since been implementing the standard national educational curriculum of the MoE, plus computer and English language curriculum added by the management of Al-taqwa.

Subsequent to the successful completion of its first academic year in Kabul, Al-taqwa expanded its services to the evergreen province of Nangarhar. Currently the Nangarhar branch serves around 1000 girls and boys through different classes.



Al-taqwa envisions educating the children of Afghanistan with standard and original methods of education. Al-taqwa wants to participate in the first wave of the development, reconstruction and peace-building of their country.

Physical Education

Al-Taqwa has  always endeavored to engage their students in various sporting activities, such as: volleyball, cricket and baseball, believing that physical activity is vital for the health of young children as well as reducing stress.

Al-Taqwa Institute of Higher Education

As of 2012, Al-Taqwa school has been expanded to the university level. Al-Taqwa Institute of Higher Education is a “thriving academic and intellectual center dedicated to providing Afghans with a world-class education”. The university offers both bachelor degrees and diploma programs. For more information, click on the links below!

Welcome to Al-Taqwa Institute of Higher Education

About Al-Taqwa Institute of Higher Education

Bachelor Programs at Al-Taqwa Institute of Higher Education

Diploma and Certificate Programs at Al-Taqwa Institute of Higher Education

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