“Afsana Seesana” by Shahnaz Qayumi

Afsana Seesana is a famous Afghan folk nursery rhyme. (In the Dari language, the word “afsana” means story). In the past, literature was often written for children to learn the moral values of human relationships. In this context, Afsana Seesana promotes the magic of giving. In this book, children are encouraged to share their food, with the consequence of giving being divine blessing. In Afghan culture, sharing and giving is culturally and traditionally fostered from a very young age, which makes the sharing skill embedded in the hearts and souls of all Afghans. If you have a little or a lot or you are poor or rich, still you must share. Sharing is not only fostered in respect to food but also spaces, materials, and objects. It is hoped that the lesson of this story will foster the internal satisfaction of positive behavior in children. To buy a copy of this book, click on the cover photo below!

“Met an Old Farmer, gave him a spoonful to eat,
The Old Farmer gave me back a handful of wheat,”

The only farmers left farming today are the most efficient ones.



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